What is the best way to get to Kangaroo Island and the Wanderers Rest of Kangaroo Island?

To get here by air or sea is an interesting question.
If you are coming by air, you will leave from Adelaide at either 7.05 am, 9.25am,2pm, 17.25pm 18.55pm.
You should pre-book a hire car if expecting to collect one on arrival as they can be in great demand.
The alternative is to take the 9.25am flight and then pre-

Arriving at Wanderers Rest

Arriving at Wanderers Rest of Kangaroo Island by Sealink Bus

book a tour leaving from the airport and dropping you off at Wanderers Rest of KI at about 6pm that night. The process can then be repeated in reverse the following day so that you leave on the 6pm flight.

The method of coming by sea depends on whether you have your own vehicle on the mainland. (If a hire car make sure it is allowed to come to Kangaroo Island)
Assuming you have a vehicle you can prebook on any of the Sealink Ferries. Depending on the time of year they have 4 services each way to running every 2 hours at the busier times.
Should you be relying on bus or tours to make your way around you are limited to leaving Adelaide on a Sealink bus at 6.45am, catching the 9.00am ferry. You can then tour for the day and be dropped at Wanderers Rest or take a shuttle directly there, and spend a relaxing day.
At night the 19.30 pm ferry connects with the bus returning to Adelaide. You can catch it by ending a tour at Penneshaw or catching the shuttle.
Costa vary and for air can be $100 to $250 pp each way. The bus from Adelaide is $50.00 pp each way the ferry $48.00 pp and a car $150.00.
Once you have a clear idea of your plans, contact the Wanderers Rest and we can check that it will all work smoothly and even book on your behalf.

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