Where do empty nesters stay on Kangaroo Island?

empty-nesters-kangaroo-islandIn the 1950’s Kangaroo Island was the honey moon capital of South Australia.In particular honeymooners came to “Linnetts”  at American River.

Now their children have left home the honeymooners are returning to revisit.

One of the favourite spots is the Wanderers Rest of Kangaroo Island, a Guesthouse come hosted B&B which over looks the renamed Linnetts property.

Here they can observe the new wave of honeymooners who travel from Italy to indulge in the peaceful life style of Kangaroo Island and enjoy the harmony of nature in the area.

The day starts with the sun warming the eastern facing units as it peaks above Dudley Peninsula and over Eastern Cove.

After breakfast and enjoying the same view from the restaurant, the day can be spent walking the nearby coast, exploring the island, following the food & wine trail or taking a fishing charter.

As evening arrives the Wanderers Rest is protected from the sun or wind and rain by the hills behind, and guests can enjoy a meal while watching the changing light on eastern cove and the birds heading to their roosts for the night.

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