About us


Proprietors Stephen and Kim Gutteridge have had experience in the hospitality industry. They pay particular attention to accommodating guests’ needs and can arrange tours and draw on their local knowledge to suggest little visited sightseeing destinations.  Or, if you prefer, simply relax by the pool and enjoy the sea views, surrounded by the Australian bush.

The property was changed to Wanderers Rest by previous proprietors John and Robyn Karran at the time they took over the business. John’s Great Grandfather, Mr Harry Karran was the skipper of a local trading vessel called the “Wanderer” which sailed the local Kangaroo Island and Gulf waters.

In 1906 the sailing ship was caught in a storm off the South Eastern side of the Island near a point called Cape Hart.  The Wanderer was lost and there were no survivors. The property was named to honour the lost vessel and its crew.

Stephen and Kim Gutteridge are the new proprietors and understand the significance of the name and decided from the outset that the name will not change, not only in honour of those on board the fateful Wanderer, but also because the property has been a resting place for many hundreds of visitors to enjoy their holiday on the Island and the splendid sea views and gardens.