At Wanderers Rest we would like to ensure that the unique island environment is conserved for our children to share the joys of nature. We are trying to minimise our use of the precious resources on Kangaroo Island.

Our aim is to minimise our impact on the environment without compromising the comfort of our guests.  We believe that small things all add up. We undertake sustainable practices and reduce energy consumption.

We source Kangaroo Island produce where possible and have changed to a local mineral water instead of an imported one.  Guests can enjoy fresh produce grown in the Wanderers Rest’s  own aquaponic system.

Water is a precious resource in Australia; Wanderers Rest relies completely on the pure natural rain water caught from our roofs.  We need to make the most of what is captured particularly through the dry summers. One of the water saving measures at Wanderers Rest is a system that uses recycled water to keep our gardens green all year round. As well as being pleasant to see this provides a buffer against bush fires in summer.

In March 2010 we installed solar panels to generate electricity and heat pumps to provide hot water one quarter of the cost of the old electric and gas hot water system.  Ask to see the solar powered gadget which shows we are generating about half of our average daily power for the restaurant area during the last of our summer.

We have always been conscious of recycling and recycle where possible.


We have completed certificates in sustainability and climate change with Eco Tourism Australia and have been awarded a Triple A environmentally friendly practices rating..