Things to do

The Sealers, Saltscratchers and Shipbuilders Heritage Trail commences at the American River wharf and relates some of the early history of “The River”.

A pleasant afternoon or morning can be spent ambling along the ‘Scenic Walk’. The clearly marked track begins at the northern end of the town. It is approximately a one and a half hour walk to the site of the old fish canning factory which was established in the late 1890’s. The ruins are still visible.

Birdlife is prolific along the ‘ Scenic Walk’. Swans and Pelicans can be sighted off shore, while Robins and Blue Wrens inhabit the scrub.  A pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles can often be seen soaring above the gully close to the old fish cannery. A flock of rare Glossy (Redtailed) Black Cockatoos feed in American River and have a flight path from Ballast Head to the township. They feast on the Casuarina trees, prolific in the area and long the ‘Scenic Walk’. There are many other birds including Galahs, Parrots, Finches, Ibis, Spoonbills, Cormorants, Herons, Oyster Catchers, Gulls and Sea Eagles both in the township and along the ‘Walk’.

From July onwards the wildflowers, including Orchids begin flowering along the ‘Scenic Walk’ and in the township. The Freesia abounds from late July with its delightful scent.

For a shorter stroll, it is well worth walking the length of the township’s coast. Ducks, Swans and Pelicans plentiful and inquisitive Pelicans will often fly across to investigate what you are doing.

The wharf and boat ramp areas are pleasant places to visit. Wanderers Rest has & can organise fishing tours, Fishing Rod Hire & Kayak Hire.

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There are few towns in Australia that can boast Wallabies in their township. Wait until after dark and take a quiet stroll past the American River Hall and Post Office. Wallabies abound in this area, especially in summer when feed is scarce in the surrounding paddocks.

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