The Dining Room10

In a relaxed atmosphere the dining room caters primarily for guests. Beautiful sea views, moonlight reflections & warmed by a wood fire on cooler evenings.

Fresh food is prepared daily utilizing as much local produce as possible. Seafood, cheeses,honey, breads, salads & seasonal vegetables are among the Kangaroo Island foods served.

Seafood platters on request are made to order, with choices from local crayfish, fresh prawns, American River oysters, K.I Marron,  Squid, scallops, octopus, Abalini, Abalone, Crabs, dips, chips, salad and fresh fruit!

Watch Glossy Black Cockatoos soar over the tree tops as you sip from a glass of wine from a selection of quality regional wines.

The Glossy Black Restaurant has a wide range of exciting items on the menu & is subject to change.


MENU Examples

Fresh, caught daily, American River creamy pacific Oysters.

Local King george Whiting from our pristene Kangaroo Island waters.

Fresh Tender K.I Shark fillets pan seared.

K I Lamb dishes with Red Wine jus.

Succulent flame grilled Porterhouse steak cooked to your liking with K.I sweet, Sticky fig glaze.

Lemon Myrtle Spiced Squid.

Crumbed KI Cheeses.



Home made  KI Honey Ice Cream with whole macadamia nuts.

Moist Sticky date pudding cooked with its own self saucing caramel sauce.

Ice cream sandwich with home made crunchy cookies.

Home made apple & cinnamon crumble.

Affogato, coffee espresso, ice cream & K.I Kiss honey liquior.